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Democratize AI

Fusemachines is an AI solutions and services provider with flexible, scalable processes. We adapt based on the organizational requirements and take a pragmatic approach to AI. Our engineers complete a priority training program that emphasizes quality and consistency.

Data Cowboys

Taming Data Big and Small

Data Cowboys is a boutique data science and machine learning consulting cooperative, offering custom expert-level solutions for complex data problems. Collectively, we have nearly two decades of academic and real-world experience in turning challenges into practical algorithms using a battery of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and statistics tools.

Lander Analytics

Navigating Data Science

Lander Analytics is a New York-based data science firm specializing in statistical consulting and training services. The Chief Data Scientist of the firm is Jared P. Lander, the author of R for Everyone, Columbia University Adjunct Professor, the organizer of the world’s largest R Meetup and the annual New York R Conference.

SFL Scientific

Your Data, Our Science, Discover More

SFL Scientific is a US-based boutique data science consulting company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in data strategy, business intelligence, big data technology, machine learning development, and Artificial Intelligence. We use specific domain knowledge to solve complex and novel business problems with data-driven systems.


Machine Learning Solutions Made Simple

At Xyonix, we teach machines how to read your content, see what's in your imagery, watch what's in your videos, and understand what's in your data. With this enhanced ability, your custom built AI and machine learning models can give you insights and make high value predictions for you.


Creativity, Quality, Consistency

Akvelon is passionate about developing and delivering great software. Our leadership is hands‐on and customer‐driven. The 400+ members of our team are committed to helping our customers define, shape and execute their key initiatives. Although we embrace all technology challenges, Akvelon specializes in Mobility, Cloud and Enterprise Applications.

Fresh Consulting

Integrate Design, Technology, and Business Thinking

We are a team of designers, developers, and strategists. Our philosophy for delivering fresh is integration. Our process is real collaboration, and our ethic is hard work and integrity. Partner with us for UI/UX design, mobile and web app development, website design, graphic design, video productions and more. From delivering projects to providing talent, we are your creative, digital consulting firm.

General UI

Great Software Comes From Great Teams

General UI is a leader in consulting to build and cultivate highly creative, sustainable, quality-oriented and test-driven software product development teams. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, General UI forms great teams around advanced software development practices, environments of support and trust, and a mission to provide our clients with outstanding customer service.

Helpful Human

Because robots haven't taken over yet.

We are a design led development team focused on creating multi-context user experiences to serve your business’ goals by delighting your users and customers. We design and build websites and apps from scratch or by leveraging popular platforms. We are easy to work with, strategically helpful, and very effective.


A digital product studio based in Seattle & San Francisco.

Substantial is a digital product innovation company that pairs design thinking with agile development to deliver applications for web, mobile and the internet of things with partners ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s.



TenPoint7 is a data focused consultancy helping companies become smarter in utilizing their data assets, analytics and technology to drive faster, accurate & more intelligent decisions.

Ticary Solutions

Helping computers understand human language

Ticary Solutions is a full stack software development consultancy that provides custom software solutions pertaining to Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, which are branches of Artificial Intelligence. We have 25+ years of experience in Software Development, and 15+ years of experience working in Artificial Intelligence (particularly NLP and ML).


Machine Learning to solve real business problems

Consulting company specialized in building Machine Learning products and tools for agile startups and enterprises. We are heavily focused on applying Deep Learning techniques to solve Computer Vision and NLP related problems. Founded in 2010, we have served over 90 clients and we are currently a team of 40 people.