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Create a GitLab Configuration


This page contains instructions for creating a GitLab configuration so that users will have the option to select GitLab as the source code repository host for new algorithms they create.

GitLab setup

  1. Log in to GitLab.
  2. Click on the user avatar in the upper-right corner and select Preferences.
  3. Select Applications from the options at left.
  4. Enter a unique name (e.g., “Algorithmia”) to identify the application.
  5. Enter a valid redirect URI. The format of this is https://CLUSTER_DOMAIN/v1/scms/oauth/finish, where CLUSTER_DOMAIN is the domain name of your Algorithmia cluster (e.g.,
  6. Check the following boxes as shown below, to grant Algorithmia the necessary permissions to create and manage GitLab repositories for algorithm source code:

    • api
    • read_user
    • read_api
    • read_repository
    • write_repository
  7. Click Save application at the bottom.

Once created, click on the name of the new application in the list that appears at the bottom.

The resulting page for the new application displays the configuration information that you specified above. If you need to modify this information, click the Edit (pencil icon) button.

You’ll need the application ID and secret values displayed here for the next step when you create the SCM configuration within Algorithmia.

Algorithmia setup

Once you’ve created an application in GitLab as described above, log in to Algorithmia as a cluster admin and navigate to the Source Code Management page from the admin panel. Click Add SCM Configuration and select GitLab from the drop-down.

Enter the base website, API, and SSH endpoint URLs. The pre-filled values that appear are just placeholders, so you must actually enter the paths in each field even if you just want the defaults.

The Website URL is the URL of your GitLab instance, which is for the public domain.

The API URL is the URL for your GitLab instance’s API, which is for the public domain.

The SSH URL is the URL from which we’ll attempt to pull source code from your GitLab Instance, which is ssh:// for the public domain. For private GitLab servers, you may need to configure a specific port for SSH access; see Troubleshooting SSH Connections for more details.

Under the OAuth information section, enter the application ID and secret from the GitLab application configuration above and click Create SCM Configuration.

Once you’ve created the configuration, it’ll show up in the list of SCM configurations on the Source Code Management page.