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Algorithmia is headquartered in beautiful Seattle, WA, but we work from wherever we're happiest. Remote workers are encouraged to apply!

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We are Algorithmia

Algorithmia is “DevOps for AI/ML”. We power both the largest public marketplace for algorithms as well as mission-critical workloads for our enterprise customers. Our technology is trusted by tens of thousands of developers and some of the most important financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and private companies leveraging AI/ML at enormous scale.

Algorithmia Team

Why Join Us

Skin in the Game

We work together and we’re going to succeed together. Equity in our company is part of every job offer.

Flexible Schedules

Work from home, unlimited vacation time, and a human-first approach make for a positive culture.

Remote Friendly

You can work from wherever you’re happiest. All meetings are available via web cast and people are encouraged to work where they like.

Build the Future

Be part of building the infrastructure that runs machine learning for the world's most crucial tasks.


Our team has people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles—we aim to be a place for anyone to contribute and be supported.


Healthcare, Gym Membership, Team Lunch, Drinks & Snacks, Dog Friendly, Semi-annual team get-togethers, and more...

Algorithmia team on roof

What we're made of

The highly-available distributed system that’s “DevOps for AI” is built on:

  • Java (Scala) microservices
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Public cloud infrastructure
Algorithmia Platform Tools

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Algorithmia team viewing the lunar eclipse

At Algorithmia, you will join a team of world-class engineers and business leaders with diverse experience building at scale at Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and PayPal, as well as many successful start-ups.

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Our Founders

Kenny Daniel

Kenny Daniel is founder and CTO of Algorithmia. He came up with the idea for Algorithmia while working on his PhD and seeing the plethora of algorithms that never saw the light of day. Kenny’s goal with Algorithmia is to accelerate AI development by creating a marketplace where algorithm developers can share their creations and application developers can make their applications smarter by incorporating the latest machine-learning algorithms. Kenny has also worked with companies like wine enthusiast app Delectable to build out their deep learning-based image recognition systems. It was during this time that Kenny saw the possibilities of what can be achieved when companies have access to state-of-the-art AI tools. Kenny holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern California, where he studied artificial intelligence and mechanism design.

Diego Oppenheimer

Diego Oppenheimer, founder and CEO of Algorithmia, is an entrepreneur and product developer with extensive background in all things data. Prior to founding Algorithmia he designed, managed and shipped some of Microsoft’s most used data analysis products including Excel, Power Pivot, SQL Server and Power BI.

Diego holds a Bachelors degree in Information Systems and a Masters degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kenny Daniel and Diego Oppenheimer

Our Values

When we see a problem we fix it, when we say we are going to do something we do it.

We push ourselves to achieve things no one else imagined possible.

The world fascinates us, we want to learn more and help each other aquire new skill sets. We love what we do.

For every single one of our users, customers and contributors. We do not exist without them and always strive to make their experiences better.

We make bold decisions and give ourselves the opportunity to be wrong and correct course.

Complete information leads to better decisions, understanding and happiness.

We welcome ideas from anywhere, vigorously debate them and move forward as a team.

Mike Anderson and James Athappilly

Support from

Gradient Ventures

Algorithmia was the inaugural investment for Google's Gradient Ventures: an AI focused VC arm.

Madrona Venture Group

We're also part of the Madrona family, giving us unparalleled access to advisors and networks in the PNW.


In NYC we're supported by Work-Bench, widely recognized as a leader in the Enterprise start-up scene on the East Coast.

Deep Fork Capital

An early state VC firm focused on investing in entrepreneurs creating disruptive technology-driven innovations.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Rakuten Capital provides global reach and influence.

Osage University Partners

Not just an investor but a partner in our efforts to build university relationships.